Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Keyboard shortcut of the week: Alternative windows hopping

In a previous post I mentioned that you can hop between open windows by holding down the Alt key and pressing the Tab key repeatedly. A little dialog box will open that in Windows XP or 2000 looks like this:

And in Windows Vista looks like this:

There is an alternate way of hopping between windows that does not show this box. Simply hold down the Alt key and press the Escape key (marked Esc) to hop between windows in the order that you opened them. If you hop using this method Windows will leave any minimised windows in that state, it will not restore them like the Alt+Tab method does.


Anonymous said...

Thanks this is a great tip, I am glad I found this blog

jezee12 said...

Both of these shortcuts are great for quickly changing between windows, but I prefer Alt+Tab keys.

PCLicious Video Tutorials said...

Whoa! Never knew this way of going through open windows, thanks! :D

Anonymous said...

wow great, thanks for this tip! :)

Borkiman said...

Thanks for all the comments, people.

J: Yes, I still use Alt+Tab too. Stuck in my ways, I am.

Anonymous said...

And using Alt+Shift+Esc, you can switch between windows in reverse order. Same as Alt+Shift+Tab.

Bu I prefer Alt+Tab. I like to see a preview.

Borkiman said...

EG: thanks for the tip