Sunday, 14 February 2010

Linux Applications: Part 3 - Web Browsers

There are many different web browsers available for Linux. These include Firefox and Opera, but not Safari nor Internet Explorer; however, a Linux version of Chromium (the open-source browser on which Google Chrome is based) is in the pipeline. A number of less well-known browsers are also available for Linux. In this post I will list a few of these.

This is the web browser for the Gnome desktop environment. It uses the WebKit layout engine, as used in Safari.

This browser specialises in social networking facilities and is based on Mozilla Firefox.

This browser also doubles up as the file manager of the K Desktop Environment (KDE). It uses the KHTML layout engine from which WebKit was developed.

This lightweight web browser also uses the WebKit engine. It is now part of the XFCE desktop environment project.

Like Flock, this is based on Firefox and is my browser of choice. It is a lightweight browser optimised for various processors that supports Firefox extensions and plug-ins.


Mike said...

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Borkiman said...

Mike: Sorry for the tardy response. I used to use Outlook, and found the best approach was to back everything up regularly using the Export facility. Nowadays I use webmail systems and leave the responsibility for backing up to others.

I do not know what to suggest for your problem. You could try to import the PST into another piece of software, such as Mozilla Thunderbird. Otherwise it is a case of rebuilding your Contacts manually.

roezer said...

I use Flock and sometimes konqueror when I am running KDE. Konqueror is fast I think it's Safari for linux I heard people call it that anyway.But since Chrome came out I have switched to that since it's much better for some Tasks but I do not think chrome is good for editing any kind of code because it jumps lines when pasting plus it has a terrible spell checker

Borkiman said...

R: Konqueror uses the same rendering engine as Safari, but apart from that they are wholly different AFAIK.

I am waiting for the native Linux version of Chrome, called Chromium, to be available before trying it.

Roezer said...

S.I have tried Chromium Preinstalled on an Alpha Version of Lubuntu but it seems to Hog the resources for some reason.