Saturday, 8 March 2008

Full screen ads

I noticed today that my blog seems to be hosting full screen ads. At first I thought it was my PC that was infected, but the ads were only showing on my blog, and I know that I didn't set them up. So either the whole of Blogger, my site, or one of the widgets I use has been hacked. I apologise for any inconvenience caused by these ads and I am trying to remedy this problem as quickly as possible.

[Edit] I have removed a number of widgets from the blog, none of which were essential, and as far as I can tell the ads have stopped appearing. If you see any pop-up ads on this page, either full screen transparent ones, or those that open in another window, please leave a comment on this post giving details about the ads and I will continue my investigation.

Thank you


wendy said...

hi there, you know what I encountered a couple of sites with the same problem today. If I remember correctly one was blogger.

Stepterix said...


I think the problem was due to a widget I had on my site. Chances are these sites have the same widget on.


Monique said...

I have seen a few blogger sites with this same issue. I am happy to see you got it fixed.

Lynne said...

Thank you for getting them removed! Did you figure out which widget was causing the pop up?

Stepterix said...

I am not entirely sure.

I removed a blogiversary widget; three widgets from the same source that showed page rank details and the like from Google, Alexa and Technorati; and another widget that showed recent posts (but since I have restored another widget from the same source as this last one with no reoccurence of the ads, I doubt that this was the problem).


sexyoldbroad said...

I hate it when spammers take advantage of a glitch somewhere and put unwanted ads on your site. I hate it on my computer too. Draw and quarter would be too good for them.