Sunday, 19 October 2008

How to run a program every time Windows starts

In a previous post I explained how to stop programs running when Windows starts up, but in this post I will explain how to make one run every time you boot up. There are a variety of ways of telling Windows to run a program when it starts, but using the 'Startup' folder on the Start menu is probably the simplest. For the purposes of this tutorial we will set Windows to run Firefox automatically.

Click on the Start menu and browse to the appropriate sub-menu. Right-click on the icon for the program you want to start automatically, and click 'Copy'.

Now find the 'Startup' folder on the Start menu, right-click on it and click 'Open'.

This will open a new window showing some of the programs that run whenever you start Windows.

Right-click on some empty space in that window and click paste.

If you cannot find the icon for the program you want in the Start menu, but you have it on your desktop then you can copy that one into the 'Startup' folder. You can repeat this process for all the programs you wish to start automatically; however, be warned that the more programs you have running the slower Windows will work.


Trevor Chamblee said...

This way will work good enough but I suggest also looking into how to start programs by adding programs in the registry. This will help avoid having users inadvertanatly removing the settings.

Stepterix said...

Trevor: Thanks for the comment.

As I said in the post, there are a variety of ways to run a program at start-up. Nevertheless, this blog is primarily aimed at the computer novice rather than those who would feel safe to go tinkering in the Registry. I may provide instructions for this at a later stage, but only after introducing my readers to the basics about the Registry.

You may have noticed that this blog hosts the Carnival of Computer Help and Advice. I would be happy to include a link to any post providing instructions for what you suggested in a future edition.

Davidlind said...

I have a related question regarding a problem with Firefox 3. Sometimes it starts without the Bookmarks and I have to go into task manager and click on firefox.exe. Once I have deleted it from the Processes Firefox starts properly.
I do this several times per day. Enjoy reading here btw. And thanks for stopping by my blog.

Stepterix said...

David: sorry for this late response. I have no idea what might be causing that problem. You may want to check out the Firefox help forums.

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