Monday, 4 February 2008

Mouse stopped working: how to reinstall

The first thing to do when your mouse stops working is to check the cable connection. There is no point reinstalling the mouse if it isn't plugged in.

The next thing to try is to reboot the PC. I have written instructions on how to reboot a PC using the keyboard.

If after checking the cables and restarting the PC, the mouse still does not work you should try reinstalling the mouse. To do this you need to open the Device Manager, which can be accessed from the System Properties dialog box.

To open the System Properties dialog box hold down a Windows key (the ones with the Windows logo on) and press the Pause/Break key (on most keyboards this will be in a set of three keys to the right of the function keys).

Alternatively you can minimise all windows by holding down the Windows key and pressing D, then use the cursor key to highlight 'My Computer' and press the Application key to open up a menu, from this menu select 'Properties' using the cursor keys and press Enter.

The System Properties dialog will look something like this:

Use the right cursor key to move to the 'Hardware' page. Use the Tab key to move the focus to the 'Device Manager' button and press Enter. If you make a mistake at any time you can press the Escape key to close the System Properties dialog and start again.

This will open up the Device Manager program. To reinstall the mouse do the following:

· Press the Tab key to highlight the computer icon at the top of the list.
· Press the down cursor key repeatedly until 'Mice and other pointing devices' is highlighted (if · you go too far use the up cursor to go back).
· Press the right cursor key to open the sub-list.
· Press the down cursor key to select the mouse.
· Press the Application key to open up a context menu
· Use the down cursor key to move to highlight 'Uninstall' and press Enter.
· You will be asked to confirm this, press Enter.
· Wait for a while and then hold down Alt and press A.
· Continue waiting until the 'Action' menu opens.
· Use the down cursor to select 'Scan for hardware changes' and press Enter.
· Wait for a while, after which Windows should detect the mouse and reinstall it.

I have included a video of this process in action, so that you know what you should be seeing as you follow the instructions.

If your mouse still isn't working after this, plug in different mouse to see if that works on your PC. If it does, plug the problem mouse into another PC, if it doesn't work you know there is a hardware problem with your mouse. If a different mouse doesn't work on your PC, something fundamental is wrong with it and you should seek expert technical advice.


Reece said...

Good article. It is suprising how hard it is to reinstall something as simple as a mouse. Thumbs up!

ChuckNZ said...

Thanks so much for posting your article on restoring the mouse. It saved my bacon last night!!

As you know, it's fairly difficult navigating around a system without the benefit of a mouse.

In any event, your instructions worked perfectly. Now, if I could only figure out how I lost the mouse in the first place!!

Stepterix said...

Glad to be of service.

Christine P. said...

Thanks for this blog on fixing a mouse that's not working. My wired mouse stops working after a few hours. (this has been going on for a month) If I log off it still won't work when I log back on but if I shut down altogether and restart the computer, then it consistently works again.

I've found no malware after performing numerous scans for this. I will try what you suggest here the next time it occurs but wondered if you had other suggestions since my mouse does continue to work consistently when I restart.

Stepterix said...

Christine: Have you tried using a different mouse? What version of Windows are you using?

Christine P. said...

I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium. My mouse stopped just a few minutes ago, no problem all day before that. Anyway, I went through the uninstall process here and it didn't seem to work for me.

However, I haven't tried a different mouse. (I have checked my connections) Need to get my hands on one. I will let you know if I try that and still get no positive results.

Anonymous said...

thanks you very mush you a star.

Stepterix said...

My pleasure

Anonymous said...

I wish Christine would have said whether she got it fixed or not. Same exact problem going on with mine. Vista

Anonymous said...

My mouse will work for awhile then just stops and it won'tmove anymore till I shut it down again, I haven't tried the last step yet, I don't know much about computers either so I texted my son in the Air Force and he havens this website but I could only get it only phone

Kevin Grieves said...

Anon: Have you tried using a different mouse on the computer?

Anonymous said...

my mouse still isn't working after trying it and mine is the only wired mouse around

Anonymous said...

I had this same problem and If you live in the southampton area you should take it to computaplace They got mine sorted in no time at all! :D