Sunday, 3 February 2008

How to reboot Windows using the keyboard

I was writing a post on how to reinstall the mouse using the keyboard when I realised that rebooting the PC using the keyboard would be a required step in the process. So I decided to dedicate a whole post to that topic. I will give a few examples of how this can be done.

Using the Start Menu

· Press a Windows key (the ones with the Windows symbol on as shown right), this will open up the Start Menu.
· Use the cursor keys (the ones with arrows on) to highlight 'Turn off Computer' and press Enter to select it
· A dialog box will open. Use the cursor keys to to highlight 'Shutdown computer', 'Turn off' or whatever your version of Windows says, and press Enter again.

Using the 'three finger salute'

Hold down Ctrl and Alt, and press Delete.

Windows 2000 and XP Home Edition users will be presented with a dialog box with buttons on:
· Use the cursor keys to select the 'Shut Down' button and use Enter to select it.
· Select 'Shut down' from the list using the cursor keys and press Enter one more time.

In other versions of Windows the Task Manager will open:
· Hold down Alt and press U to open the 'Shut Down' menu.
· Use the cursor keys to highlight 'Turn Off' and press Enter.

Hit Alt F4 'till you can't any more

The final method of shutting down that I will explain here is to hold down the Alt key and press F4 repeatedly. This will close every application that is open on Windows and eventually will close Windows itself. You may be asked if you want to save files by some programs, if so use the cursor keys and Enter to get past these dialog boxes.


Anonymous said...

so is this for like wiping your local disk like i have 100 gb on my disk an only 5 gb is free this will erase all the the stuff that ive done to the computer since i bought it?

if so tell me thanks.

or if ya have aim its DJMedinaz

Stepterix said...

Sorry that I missed this comment before. This post is about restarting your PC using only the keyboard, it is not about deleting any files.

Midori said...

well let me start off saying i don't know that much about computers...just the basics. i was working on my PC and it suddenly restarts...but now its only goes to this setup page and asks me if i want to reboot...when i select OK its telling me "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device" and i have no idea what it means or what i cant do right now

i am worried if all my files will be gone...
pleas email me with any assistance at

Anonymous said...

I am Having te same issues as Midori, and I was wondring is someone could send me some type of assistance. Email me at and please help me, I will send you an email back whether or not it works.

Thank you.

Find Best Deals Online said...

If I found this text three months ago... :(

Stepterix said...

Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Im kindof having the same problem as mind and tht other dude. i dont know shit about computers, unable to get it to start menu, only to the settups.

Stepterix said...

The problem that midori et al are having sounds like a failed hard drive, but if the setup page is blue it suggests that there is a Windows CD in there and that is booting. To fix the latter problem, remove the CD and reboot.

It is very hard to troubleshoot these kind of problems without more information. If you tell me word for word what you seen on these setup screens and any other error messages that appear, then I may be able to help.

Regina said...

this blog really helped me ..i had same problem for few weeks ago and was lookng for hardware man to resolve this issue but due to tight schedule i couldn't get it done..then searched myself on google and got this blog and applied this formula as written on blog to first to delete the mouse driver and reboot system...that really helped me...thanks for yor wonderful blog and information..

Kevin Grieves said...

Regina: You're welcome