Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Freeware round-up

To celebrate six months of Bloody Computer! I have decided to list all the freeware software mentioned here blog so far (partly to prompt me to update the 'Quality Freeware' list in the left-hand column - now renamed 'Recommended Freeware') So, without further ado, here is the list...

Audacity: audio file editor.

AVG anti-virus free edition: anti-virus software.

Beneton Movie GIF: An application to create animated GIFs from a series of images, like a flickbook.

CamStudio: record what you see on your screen.

CCleaner: removes many non-essential files that Windows and other programs leave on your hard-drive.

dBpoweramp: convert audio files from one type to another.

dscaler: view television on your PC, if you have the appropriate hardware.

Foxit Reader: a fully featured PDF reader and a much slimmer alternative to Adobe Acrobat.

FreeUndelete: a user-friendly program to recover deleted files.

The GIMP: a fully featured image editor developed for linux but available for Windows

IcoFX: an icon creator and editor.

IrfanView: an image viewer with few editing features, and including a batch process feature, with which you can change the format of many files in one go.

mp3gain: balance the volume levels of a selection of mp3 files.

Paint.net: a friendly and intuitive image manipulation tool with many of the features found in commercial image editing packages.

PC Inspector's File Recovery: a powerful application for resurrecting deleted or lost files, and faulty drives.

Picard: provides an interface to search the MusicBrainz database and use the information to rename and set tag information on audio files.

Real Alternative: enables you to play RealMedia files without installing RealPlayer.

Spyware Terminator: protect your PC from spyware and other malware.

Startup Control Panel: provides a means to manage which programs run automatically when Windows starts.

TreeSize: a program that provides a graphical representation of how much hard-drive space each folder is using.

VideoLAN VLC media player: multimedia player (plays most video types without need to install extra codecs).

Virtual Dub: video editing and conversion software.

Winamp: a popular mp3 player developing a large user community.

If you wish to see the posts associated with these applications including tutorials for some of them click here.


Anonymous said...

For defragmenting there's a nifty freeware from AUslogics called Auslogics Disk Defrag.

Kris said...

Thanks for the recommendations. There are a couple of programs there that I am going to be trying!

Jo said...

A tip for AVG users... It can take up a lot of your system resources, so schedule its updates/scans for some time when you won't be on your computer. You'll save some frustration, believe me!

Ashutosh Mishra said...

Nice freeware list Mr.Kevin! I will updating my Freeware Fiesta list with some of these.


Abhijeet Pathak said...

There is a player called Billy which is a fantastic lightweight FREE mp3, ogg, wav and flac player...
It's resource usage are very low, download size is around 700 KB and requires no installation..
It's a must try out...