Thursday, 3 April 2008

A Safari through Windows and a new Firefox

Apple's web browser is now available for Windows XP and Vista. Safari had previously only been available on Macintosh operating systems. The browser is certainly quick and uses about as much memory as Mozilla Firefox; however, Safari takes up more hard drive space than Firefox: around 60Mb. Nevertheless, Safari is yet another alternative to Internet Explorer.

You can download Safari for Windows for free from here.

There is also a new version of Firefox in the offing. At present it is still in Beta, which means that it is being tested by users and should not be considered to be finished software. According to Mozilla, Firefox 3 uses less memory than the old version - a particular complaint of mine.

You can download the Firefox 3 Beta 5 for free from here. (But be aware this is far from bug free software).


Laura said...

Tried Safari but found it really bare bones, seemed to be missing a lot of things. I've been loyal to Firefox for a few years but it's getting buggy. Keeps giving me trouble with logins not being saved. It used to be one of my favourite things about FF. I like Flock these days. Kind of an FF offshoot.

Stepterix said...


I have been having problems with Firefox remembering logins too recently. I assume that it is a problem with the way that it deals with cookies. I will try out the latest beta of version 3 myself some time soon to see if these issues are remedied.

I have grown fond of FF and am in no rush to decamp to Safari, nor do I wish to return to the IE fold. I will have a look at Flock too, thanks for the tip.


bambit said...

I have all the major browsers on my winXP computer at work, part of the cross-browser checking we do when whe develop websites. I think safari is neat, although i think the best way to use safari is on a mac :)

Haven't tried Flock as of yet, if it's got a version that will run on ubuntu i'll try it now. Let me find out ...

Jarred said...

I currently use Safari with Windows and I like it a lot. It doesn't seem to have a problem with remembering logins and is faster than both Firefox and IE.

JAB_au said...

As with all browser produced by a some big company like Microsoft and Apple, it's missing features, doesn't fit standards properly, and is just plain annoying. Firefox please.

Pradeep said...

M using fire fox for last 1& half year and m verry comfortable with it really there is no browser like Firefox