Friday, 15 August 2008

Bloody Computer! One Year Old

'Bloody Computer!' reaches its one year anniversary today. So, as I have done for other landmarks, I present another set of 'top 3' lists as well as other facts to go with those marking fifty and one-hundred posts.

In the last year this blog has achieved a Google PageRank of 4; a Technorati ranking of 61; its most recent Alexa traffic rank is 105,543; the blog has had 43,540 visits with 50,661 pageviews from 141 countries; and it now has 82 subscribers.

Thank you all for supporting 'Bloody Computer!' over the past twelve months.

Top 3 Most Read Posts
1. Free Lightweight Alternatives to Bloatware: 1,113 views
2. How to reboot Windows using the keyboard: 881 views
3. Windows Task Manager Explained: Part 1: 700 views
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Top 3 Most Commented on Posts
1. Keyboard shortcut of the week: Quickly Open Link in New Tab: 17 comments
2. Keyboard shortcut of the week: a few for Firefox: 13 comments
3. Three tips for buying a new printer: 9 comments
Thank you for all your feedback

Top 3 Most Dugg Posts
=1. Tweak UI: free MS Power Toy for Windows XP: 12 diggs
=1. Keyboard shortcut of the week: New, Open, and Save: 12 diggs
2. Bring files back from the dead: 11 diggs
3. Keyboard shortcut of the week: a few for Firefox: 10 diggs
Data from Digg (the whole countdown is here)

Top Five Commenters
1. Drunken Dragon (7)
2. Eerik (5)
=3. jamie (3)
=3. Search engine positioning (3)
=3. jsanderz (3)
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jamie said...

congratulations!!! your blog is very helpful! keep up the good work!

小泽 a.k.a. DSvT said...

Happy blogoversary!
Life beside the edge

Tux World said...

hello... congratulations for a year of blog anniversary! Nice to meet you.

IRAS said...

Congratulations on your one year anniversary!

Stepterix said...

Thank you all for the kind words. K

Mikko said...


BTW, the best way to solve problems with Windows is to install Linux :-)

Mikko / Best of Free Software

Stepterix said...

mikko: indeed, and vice versa of course... now all we need is for somebody to mention OSX or even Solaris

WeblogLearner said...

That is a wonderful achievement! I don't exactly know when I am going to turn one year with my blog but I think I would base it to my first post and that would be April f next year. I hope I would have some achievements too by then. ^^


Wanderer.. said...

Did you mention PR4? In my firefox google toolbar, it actually says you have PR8? That is the most wonderful blog ever if this PR8 is really true! Your blog must be rocking like hell good! Congratulations!

Stepterix said...

wbl: thanks for the kind words, and good luck with your blog, just keep plugging away

wand: PR8? I wish! My google toolbar says PR4. Thanks for the comment

Dan N said...

Wow that's amazing you have built such an audience that quickly, congrats on your achievement , your site is great

Stepterix said...

Thanks for the comment, Dan.